"Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed. EPIC."

Ruby. 17. I'm sort of back. I like lots of things.

Inconsistent tags and even more inconsistent moods.

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yo hey whaddup so i’m gonna be remaking because i just have lost all enjoyment of tumblr recently and i wanna try again fresh so i’ll post my thing when it’s remade here but idk if i’ll be following all the same people because i’ve changed a lot and i’m not sure you guys would be that into my new stuff


woah long post sorry

ok laters

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paul dierden in every episode |  natural selection.

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White people praising Humans of New York for ‘humanizing’ the people of the Middle East… what the fuck did you think they were before? Terrorists? Savages? Extremists? Subhumans? It needed to take a white guy with a camera for you all to realize that our people are humans with lives that your fucking government destroyed.

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Chuck/Sarah Meme | [1/1] parallel

This is actually where you told me I was going to be okay. That I could trust you.

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